TRF-7260 Plus
  • Record up to 4 programs simultaneously while playing back 1 recorded program
  • 500GB internal HDD
  • Plays video files of type DivX, MPG, MP4, VOB, MKV and FLV

Information on this unit can be found on the user manual on the Korean Topfield site and also on the Australian Topfield site here.

The units ships with the 20 December 2012 firmware (1.00.02) that is on the Korean Topfield site. The 20 December 2012 firmware has simultaneous support for two RCUs, the 'TP802'/TP602 (the latter is also used by the TF-T6000) and the TP307/TP807 (used by the TF7100HDPVRt Plus, 7160 and 7170). Support for the TP307/TP807 can be removed by using the RCU code 01982. After you change the supported RCU you must turn off the Toppy using the power button on the front and then turn it on again. The new RCU selection will then work.

At first appearance, with In the 18 November 2013 firmware (1.01.00), the RCU selection setting does not seem to be working; it works with any 5 digit number. This is because the selection is primarily intended to disable support for the TP307 RCU. If you enter a code that is valid for another RCU, both that RCU and the TP602/'TP802' will be able to control the Toppy. There is apparently no way of disabling support for the TP602/'TP802' though this setting. (The RemoteSwitchTMS TAP can be used to disable support for the TP602/'TP802' RCU.)

Released in July 2013.

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