TRF-5300 Series (5300/5310/5320)

Topfield Product site: TRF-5300

This series started shipping via WWW shops in September/October 2015. They are a derivative of the TRF-2400/2460; they do not have eSATA port or analogue input. The have Series Recording (RS) rather than Intelligent Recording (IR) that is used in the TRF-2400/2460.

The only difference between the models is the size of the internal HDD, ranging from 500GB for the 5300, 1TB for the 5310, and 2TB for the 5320.

These models support TAPs, but an updated FirmwareTMS.dat file is needed. A copy of FirmwareTMS.dat file that works with the 5300 can be downloaded from here. It will work with Toppys with Sytem ID 32028.

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