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The main distinguishing feature of this model is that it supported iView; however in early 2015 the ABC discontinued iView support for several devices including the TRF-2470. It is a very similar looking machine to the 2400/2460 but it does not support IceTV or AV Input recording.

The TRF-2470 was not a success and has short life.

Firmware List:
Aug 7 2015 (v1.15.00)
Feb 3 2015 (v1.14.00)
Mar 25 2014 (v1.11.00) (special update procedure required)
Dec 02 2013 (v1.10.00) (weather fixed)
Jan 7 2013 (v1.09.00)
Oct 11 2012 (v1.08.00)
July 20 2012 (v1.05.00) (release version - download not available)

The latest firmware has navigation issues when playing MPEG4/H.264. It is possible to repackage the latest TRF-2400 or TRF-5300 firmware to use on the 2470, however doing so means you cannot used HDMI output.

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