Toppy not responding to RCU

There are several reasons why the Toppys is not responding to the RCU:

  1. The batteries in the RCU are flat - replace batteries!
  2. The packing film on the RCU and/or the Toppy was not removed. This can interfere with the IR signal being recognised by the Toppys IR (infra red) receiver. Remove the film!
  3. The IR receiver in the Toppy is not working. It has either failed or the connection has come loose (unlikely). Solution, replace the IR receiver.
  4. The RCU is not one that is recognised by the Toppy.
    1. The RCU uses a Mode that the Toppy model does not support
    2. The RCU uses a Mode that the Toppy model does not support in all firmware versions. Mode 6 RCU are not fully supported by TRF-2400/2460 firmware prior to 2.01.00 (April 2013) and TRF-2470 firmware 1.10.00 (December 2013).

If the lack of response occurs some time after starting the Toppy the problem could be caused by a damage Molex to SATA power cable between the main pcb and the HDD. It this is a problem you will probably also see issues relating to the HDD, such as repeated requests to reformat the HDD or checking of the file system each time the Toppy starts.

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