Topfield 7100 Plus HD PVR

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Firmware Versions

Jan 29 2016 (v1.16.00, updated with DSTX patch Jan 23, 2020) (playback MPEG4 fixed, no ICE-TV, has IR) - This is a non-official alternative patched firmware file. Read below!
Nov 18 2013 (v1.10.00)
Sep 26 2012 (v1.09.00)
Feb 20 2012 (v1.07.00)
Nov 23 2011 (v1.06.00)
Aug 18 2010
May 10 2010
Mar 15 2010

Alternative Firmware for the TF7100HDPlus

As above, the last official firmware released for the TF7100HDPlus is from 2013. Unfortunately that firmware has various issues navigating MPEG4 recordings as on Nine HD channel etc. Topfield fixed these problems on firmwares for later models but never released a firmware update for the older TF7100HDPlus.

However, it appears the TF7100HDPlus model is essentially the same hardware as the later TRF-7170 model and it is possible to patch the TRF-7170 firmware file to make it compatible with the TF7100HDPlus. This has been done and has been used successfully for many years and using many TAPS such as SmartEPG etc. It essentially turns a TF7100HDPlus into a TRF-7170. The modified file can be downloaded from here. Note as of 23-Jan-2020, the linked TF7100HDPlus firmware also includes the FireBird year 2020 "daylight savings" DSTX patch from the TRF-7170 firmware. Read more about the DSTX patch here.

Use at your own risk! Just install this as a normal firmware update. I.e. follow the "Manual Update" procedure from updating-your-firmware. Make sure you do a factory reset after loading this.

The TRF-7170 model does not have ICE-TV so you will lose ICE-TV functionality with this new firmware, but gain Topfield Native Intelligent Recording functionality. If you want ICE-TV back then just install an original TF7100HDPlus Topfield firmware.

Note that the TF7100HDPlus and TRF-7170 models use the same remote (RCU) as seen at tp307 and tp807.

To reiterate, this is the latest 29-Jan-2016 firmware for the TRF-7170 model (with ID 32044) repackaged for model TF7100HDPlus (with ID 32030). It includes the official Topfield fix for the mpeg 4 problems. So this new TF7100HDPlus firmware is exactly the same as the TRF-7170 firmware, only the system ID and corresponding file header checksum have been patched so the PVR will accept the file. Your TF7100HDplus remains with system ID 32030 after loading this new file.

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