Topfield 7100 HD PVR
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Using an External Hard Disk Drive External HDD

Formatting Internal HDD beyond 500GB Format IHD

Fixing Power Supplies for the 7000/7100

Firmware and Manual available here

Wireless Networking

  • Must have a broadcast SSID
  • Profile takes name of SSID
  • Uses the RT73 driver from Ralink for the USB WiFi dongle
  • WPA Passkey must 16 characters maximum

Internal Information


Timers are stored in flash as well as /tmp/timers.lst and a copy is stored in /env. A modified timers.lst file will be reloaded to flash when either restarting the box or bringing up the timers menu. There are a maximum of 70 timers that can be stored.

“/tmp/timer.lst” contains the timers – see the formats section for a description of the timers file.


After scanning, channels information is stored in /tmp/channel.db – this is a SQLite database. The channels database also contains the Favourites list.


The FTA transmission contains an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) which is stored in /tmp/eit.db. This is a SQLite database. If, however, the user has selected IceTV as the EPG source, the FTA EPG data is not saved but rather an eit_icetv.db is created an loaded with data downloaded from the icetv website (

For IceTV, several additional files are used: icelink_channel.lst, icelink_device.lst, icelink_reply.lst, icelink_scheduler.lst.

/tmp/eit.db – contains the FTA EPG database
/tmp/eit_icetv.db – contains the icetv EPG database
/tmp/icelink_channel.lst – contains the ice interactive channel map
/tmp/icelink_device.lst – contains the ice interactive device information
/tmp/icelink_reply.lst – contains the results of the last ice interactive scheduler update
/tmp/icelink_scheduler.lst – contains the schedule of updates to the timers database from ice interactive


The PVR Recording are stored under the folder /mnt/hd/videos – each recording consists of 3 files:

  • <recording>.mpg – the mpeg2 video of the program
  • <recording>.info – text file containing the information about the recording
  • <recording>.nav – a binary file containing navigation information about the recording

Audio files are stored under the folder /mnt/hd/audios – only mp3 audio is supported.

Engineering Diagnostics Monitor (EDM)

Topfield has added a secret menu to enable the capturing of information for debugging purposes. To enter this menu, go into Information Menu, and press “58657453” using the remote control. An extra option “EDM” will then become available. Options are:

  • Record All Pids (Off)
  • Set All Channels (Disable)
  • Set Console (Disable)
  • Set Manual GMT - Disable
  • Set Doubled Reserved Space - Disable
  • Set Force Changed PMT - Disable
  • Grab Environment - No
  • Set Keyboard Type - Normal
  • Set Telnet Daemon – Disable
  • Set MAC Address
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