TMSTimer is a replacement for the Toppy's native timer listing. The version current at 01/08/2013 is 4.05b. The TAP can be downloaded here.


This TAP is a replacement Reservations / Timers display for TMS machines.

In use, it simply displays all the timers, but it is able to sort them by time, name and service, and to filter them to show all, record only, or play/watch only.

It also improves on the default reservation listing by giving you one key access to the timer list, and by showing files with the program names always (even if the built-in reservation list shows a timer with service name instead).

Other features:

  • configurable display 10, 15 or 20 timers per page, with variable fonts
  • configurable time and date formats
  • will display timers in Sentence Case
  • can automatically strip non-PC friendly charactes like :*/ out of names
  • can display today's timers and tomorrow's timers in different colours to other timers
  • can edit, delete and let you manually create new timers, including copying an existing one as a start
  • can export and import timers - useful for backing them up before doing a factory reset
  • supports display of service logos - these are jpg logos, and any valid jpeg can do. Default size is 60*38. Many .qtl logos have been converted to jpg to suit
  • can be configured to call other TAPs or other firmware functions on exit
  • will display timers even when the toppy is playing back a recording

It defaults to activation by the Recall key (looks like a curved arrow), but this can be reconfigured. It is also fully integrated into TMSCommander, allowing TMSCommander to both activate and stop it.

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