This TAP provides remote access to the Topfield using the telnet protocol.
This gives quite low-level access to the system and you should be comfortable with Linux shell commands before using it.


Use either of the following

  • if you have TAPtoDate, then simply install it from there.
  • Otherwise download this zip file and copy the files (excluding source folder) into the ProgramFiles folder

You will end up with two extra files in the ProgramFiles folder: TMSTelnetd and busybox. The latter is a mini filesystem in itself, with a shell and several utility programs.


Use a telnet client to connect to port 23 (the telnet default). This may be provided by your OS (recent Windows installations require you to get it by customising your Windows Features) or a 3rd party client such as PuTTy under MS-Windows.

The initial connection is a user named "root" with a blank password.

To browse the Topfields user file structure, first do a

# cd /mnt/hd
# ls -l

will show you the folders you might recognise.


change user password

This is largely a waste of time, as the changes do not stick across the PVR going into standby.
Run the command to assign a new password to the root account

# passwd

then follow the prompts.
This password only applies when using Telnet.

Set the Date

This seems bizarre. The kernel seems to not have a proper date, time or timezone.
And yet the scheduler obviously has to know these things quite accurately.
If you are going to mess about with the filesystem, then it is probably a good idea to assign the current date/time, but doing so does have other side-effects like disconnecting TMSRemote


The connection takes on the "console" role, and various syslog messages can be displayed in the window from time to time.

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