TMSRemote - configure

It is relatively easy to install and configure TMSRemote. The procedure below is adapted from the instructions in the TMSRemote.txt file.

Install the TMSRemote TAP on the Toppy

Install using TAPtoDate

Run TAPtoDate and select TMSRemote for installation. After the TAP has downloaded, you need to select if it will run every time the Toppy starts up. If you do, answer YES when asked it if is to be installed in the AutoStart folder.

Install via ftp or USB stick

Download the TAP from the TAP sectionTAP section of the Topfield-Europe www site. Extract the files The files to be copied to the Toppy are:
File Location
TMSRemote.tap /ProgramFiles/AutoStart
TMSRemote_Network.ini /ProgramFiles/Settings/TMSRemote

The easiest way to do this is via ftp. Alternatively, the files can be copied to a USB stick, and then loaded on to the Toppy. If you do not want TMSRemote to be active all the time, then the TAP is placed in the /ProgramFiles folder and started manually when needed. The TMSRemote.ini file can be customised (see discussion below).

Install TMSRemote on the PC from which you want to access the Toppy

TMSRemote is installed by copying the files “TMSRemote.exe” and “TMSRemote.ini” into any directory on the PC. (The TMSRemoteVFD.exe and TMSRemote.txt files should also be transferred to that directory.)

Configure the TMSRemote_Network.ini file

The TMSRemote_Network.ini file can be edited in any text editor, for example Notepad, before it is copied to the Toppy. If TMSRemote was installed by TAPtoDate, the TMSRemote_Network.ini field can be edited using you ftp program, for example FileZilla.
Two items in the TMSRemote_Network.ini (see screenshot) are modified:

  • Address: add the IP address of the Toppy
  • Password: This can be left blank. However, if the Toppy is to be accessed from outside your home network a password is prudent.

Configuring TMSRemote on your PC

This is done by running TMSRemote.exe. Select “File|Connection Profiels”, then select “New”. You should give the profile a name, for example “MyToppy”. Do not make any entries in the TFIR section (unless you have modified your Toppy to allow wake-on-lan using TFIR).
Two items in the Toppy section of the dialogue are modified. The IP address for the Toppy and the Password, both of which must be the same ones entered in the TMSRemote_Network.ini.


Advanced configuring TMSRemote

This is done through a batch file (a standard text file with *.bat rarther than *.txt). This file is place in the same directory as TMSRemote.exe. The following parameters may be provided with the exe:


Select a specific profile. xxxx needs to be identical with the profile name. The parameter is not case sensitive but spaces in the name are not supported.


Selects a specific RCU type. Possible selections for xxxx are TMS, TF5000 or TF7100HD.


Automatically connects with the selected Toppy.

The batch file to automatically connect to a Toppy with profile “MyToppy” would be:

TMSRemote.exe /MyToppy /autoconnect

There is a space before each “/”.

Using TMSRemote over the Internet

If you want to access the Toppy via the Internet, your router must be configured to forward connections to TCP ports 1413 (Remote Control) and 1415 (VFD) to the IP address of the Toppy.

Advance configuration: Configure hotkeys by editing TMSRemote.ini file

The current 'boilerplate' TMSRemote.ini file configures hot keys for use on the PC. They are created by a line in the TMSRemote.ini file in the form:

<two digit PC code>=<five digit Topfield code>

The permissible values for the two parameters, “two digit PC code” and “five digit Topfield code” are listed at the end of the TMSRemote.txt file.
For example, the Toppy code for “Rewind” is “10038” and the PC Code for PC “F12 key” is “7B”. Therefore to use the F12 to Rewind, you add the line:


“Five digit code” for options key

The “five digit code” for the options key (aka white function key) is not included in the read-me. In most, if not all, cases the “five digit code” 10049 should work.

Listing of 2 and 5 digit codes (07-12-13)

The current key codes are listed here.

Using TMSRemoteVFD.exe

This program duplicates the front panel fluorescent display of the PVR. It uses the same profile details as TMSRemote, so once they have been configured, simply run the TMSRemoteVFD program, select the required profile, and connect.
The TMSRemoteVFD program connects without a password.

Making life easier

You will find things run more smoothly if you set a static IP address for the Toppy when setting up the Toppys network connection and reserving the same IP address for the Toppy on your router.

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