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TMSCommander is a TAP that manages other TAPs. For example TMSCommander can call that TAP’s menus but only if the TAP has the appropriate code to respond to requests from TMSCommander.


1. Copy the TAP (TMSCommander.tap) and language file (TMSCommander.lng) to the either /ProgramFiles folder or /ProgramFiles/AutoStart using FTP, or a USB disk/key

2. Start the TAP by browsing to the TAP using the File Manager and press OK


To bring up the TMSCommander TAP List press Exit

  • In the TAP List, all running TAPs are shown
  • The buttons to Stop or show a TAP's menu will only be shown if the TAP supports being managed
  • To see what capabilities a particular TAP supports being managed, press Info until the Capabilities supported screen is shown
  • TAPs can be disabled, for example if you want to check if a TAP is affecting the running of other TAPS. The TAP can then be re-enabled
  • To show a TAPs menu, highlight it in the list and press OK, or press the number next to the TAP (need to enable numbered items first).
  • If a TAP supports User Events (or a special menu), the Yellow key will be shown when you scroll onto that TAP. TMSCommander supports this as a way to get to the Favourites Menu.
  • On the Main Menu, you can choose to display your Favourites TAPs. When this is selected, the running TAPs will be shown in Green and the Favourites that aren’t running will be shown in Yellow. You can start a Favourite TAP on the main screen.
  • Any stopped TAP from AutoStart will be shown in Red. This can be started from the TAP list if required.

TMSCommander Menu

  • To modify TMSCommander settings, highlight it in the TAP list and press OK
  • You can modify the key that displays the TAP List
  • Enable Tracing only for debugging as it logs a lot of information to the TMSCommander log
  • You can choose whether to show your Favourites on the main tap screen
  • You can choose whether to show any stopped TAPs in AutoStart on the main tap screen

Favourites Menu

Press the Yellow key when the TMSCommander TAP is highlighted – this will show the Favourites Menu. Highlight the TAP you want to add to your Favourites and press the Red key. Or to add the whole folder press the Add All key.

For TAP Developers

To make your TAP compatible with TMSCommander:

  • add the header TMSCommander.h to the your code
  • add the following section to your TAP_EventHandler:
if (event == EVT_TMSCommander)
     return TMSCommander_handler( param1 )

Then add the following:
// TMSCommander_handler -
static dword TMSCommander_handler( dword param1 )
        switch (param1)
           case TMSCMDR_Capabilities:
               return (dword)(TMSCMDR_HaveMenu | TMSCMDR_CanBeStopped | TMSCMDR_HaveUserEvent);
           case TMSCMDR_Menu:
               //call your TAP's menu
               //eg. CallMyMenu();
               return TMSCMDR_OK;
           case TMSCMDR_Stop:
               //Exit your TAP
               //eg. TAP_Exit();
               return TMSCMDR_OK;
           case TMSCMDR_UserEvent:
               //call your TAP's userevent
               return TMSCMDR_OK;
           case TMSCMDR_Exiting:
               //TMSCommander is exiting - do you want to do anything?
               return TMSCMDR_OK;
               //unknown TMSCommander function
               return TMSCMDR_UnknownFunction;

TMSCommander responds to the command TMSCMDR_IsAlive



  • Support Favourite TAPs
  • Support stopping/starting any TAP
  • Add Dutch language thanks to Roger-DTL-Stijfs


  • Remove Network Listener
  • Refresh Menu buttons when enable/disabling
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