Timeshift Buffer Clobbered

If you are watching a program using the timeshift buffer and a timer starts a recording the the program in the time shift buffer is clobbered and you return to watching live TV. Under this scenario you can pontentially lose an hour of program store in the time shift buffer.

Since the 5000 series of machines are twin tuner there should be no need to clobber the time shift buffer if single recording starts on a different channel. One tuner should handle recording the other channel and the other tuner continue to collect data into the timeshift buffer. Playback from the timeshift buffer should be able to continue.

The only time the timeshift buffer would need to be cleared is if a second timer fired off to record a third channel.

This issue is dealt with by people never using the timeshift buffer. They record all the shows that they might potentially want to watch in timeshift. So esentially this bug makes the timeshift buffer an unusable feature to most users.

Since the product is sold with the timeshift buffer as an advertised feature this bug probably should be fixed. The product is being sold with a feature that does not work properly.

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