Timer Patch

This firmware patch is designed to fix the problem of not waking up from standby to do a recording - See Fail To Wake Up.

The patch was developed by DeadBeef. For details see this thread on the UK Topfield Forum.

You can Download the patch from DeadBeef's site.

However, if you do this you then have to actually patch your fimware using Firebirds Firmware Patcher.

An easier way is to just download a pre- patched version of the firmware you are interested in running. See the pages on individual firmwares ( as linked from the Firmware List page) for links to such pre-patched firmware versions.

The timer patch has the code letter T

Note: Code letters are the letters that may appear on the Application Version indicating which patch has been applied. Eg Application Version TF-NPTA 9.99.99T would be a firmware with the Timer Patch installed

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