A TAP is a "Topfield Application Program". These programs can be installed on the Topfield to increase its functionality. Most of the limitations and bugs of the Topfield can be compensated for by installing a TAP. TAPs are generally written by the Topfield user community and all of them are free.

Generally TAPs come with a "Readme" file which describes how the TAP works or things to consider when installing the TAP. One should always view these BEFORE installing the TAP.

For more info refer to the items below.

The following discussion is for TAPs running on TMS Toppys. At this stage we do not know if those TAPs will run on TMS+ Toppys such as the TF-T6000.

Installing a TAP

TAPs should be installed under the Program Files folder. You can browse to this folder by calling up the Recordings List and then press » or « until you see the title "Program Files". Under this folder there should be another folder called "AutoStart". TAPs placed in that folder will start automatically every time the PVR starts. If they are placed in the level above, i.e. "ProgramFiles" then they must be manually started by selecting the TAP file and pressing OK. The item will then be coloured green in the list, indicating that the TAP is running.

There are various ways to get TAPs onto your PVR. The easiest way is to have the PVR networked and then use an FTP client (like FileZilla) to copy the TAP to the /ProgramFiles folder or the /ProgramFiles/AutoStart folder. Of course, if you use FTP you must first enable (start) the FTP Server on the PVR (Installation->Network Setting->FTP Server).

Another alternative is to the use the TAP2Date TAP. This is like running iTunes on your iPad - it connects to a database on the Internet and shows you a list of TAPs to select from. It can also tell you if there are newer versions of your TAP available.

Running TAPs

TAPs are started either manually (by pressing OK on the file) or when the PVR starts up, and then only if the TAP is installed in the AutoStart folder. TAPs are installed in a certain order, generally depending on the sorted name sequence. Order might be important for example if several TAPs try to use the same remote control key. In that case the first one in order will get to use the key.

Problems with TAPs

If you find you have a problem with the behaviour of the PVR after installing TAPs, you can disable them by moving them out of the AutoStart folder and rebooting. If your PVR goes into a rebooting loop, sometimes this is caused by a crashing TAP on startup. In this case press "0" while the PVR is booting to disable the startup of all TAPs.

TAPs are just programs and sometimes they cause issues if they have bugs or the firmware does not support what it is trying to do. In these cases try to isolate which TAP is causing the issue by stopping TAPs one at a time and testing your PVR.

TAP Resources


Many TAPs now make use of this file to help them determine what your PVR supports (like the remote control, concurrent recordings, etc). Using this file, TAP writers can develop a single TAP that supports all or most of the models of PVRs. It is strongly encouraged that you install this before installing any TAPs. The installer is available from here.


Visit the TAPtoDate Home Page
Note: TAPtoDate went through problems in 2015 and stopped working, after access was withdrawn via Topfield Europe. From 2016, a new TAP version and server system is in place and this requires a once-off manual reinstall of the TAPtoDate setup program (at least V2.1). This is available from the TAPtoDate Home Page

TAPtoDate is like having an AppStore on your PVR. Once installed you can browse TAPs, or versions of TAPs that authors have integrated via TAPtoDate.

TAPtoDate requires access to the Internet as it connects to a database to get the latest information of the TAPs that you enquire about.

Once you select a TAP, it can be automatically installed through TAPtoDate.

Sometimes after downloading a new TAP or an updated TAP version you are taken to live TV, to get back to TAPtoDate pressing the Exit key will usually take you back to TAPtoDate. If you are using TMSCommander, TMSCommander will be brought up when the Exit key is press; pressing it again should bring up TAPtoDate. Sometimes the TAP installation will stop TAPtoDate an you will need to restart it. (If TAPtoDate is running it should be listed in the TMSCommander as active.)

As TAPtoDate can result in the Toppy rebooting if you run AutoReboot in AutoStart, you should not auto-load TAPtoDate. In my experience it is best to run TAPtoDate manually rather than have it load whenever the Toppy starts up. If you do have it is AutoStart, pressing the Exit key should bring up TAPtoDate.


This very sophisticated TAP provides a more flexible EPG, better timer searches and management, and other functions.

Details on the SmartEPG wiki page

Topfield-Europe Forum TAP List

This is a forum post with links to many TAP downloads - see here.

Gerti's TAPs


deangelj's TAPs




markb's TAPs


Info on the Older SD TAPs below - NOT compatible with HD PVRs

The "swiss army knife" of TAPs is the Progress Bar Keys TAP. This TAP is also known as the PBK tap. The main function of the PBK TAP is to ensure the jump functionality of the coloured buttons works the same in all modes of playback on the Topfield. IE it makes the coloured keys work properly with the progress bar open - hence the Progress Bar Keys name. However, since its inception the PBK TAP has grown to offer pretty much all the extra functionality the average user would need.

It is usually recommended that if you don't use any other TAP then you should use PBK. It also said that PBK provides the functionality that the Topfield should really provide out of the box (ref).

For further information visit the Progress Bar Keys Website

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