System Status - what does it mean?

Did you ever wonder about the significance of the information displayed under System Status (Menu, Information, System Status) means


Application Version

This is the firmware version that the Toppy is running. It is the Toppys operating system and is very compact Linux variant or, for the TRF-2000 and TF-T6000, it is an Android variant.

Last Update

This is the date on which the firmware was compiled.

System ID

This is a unique identifier that ensures that only firmware designed for the particular Toppy can be loaded. For some Toppys there are two different System ID (for example the 7160 and 7100+), so you need to ensure that you have the correct firmware version when updating the firmware. If you use the internet firmware update it will only install firmware with the correct System ID. (You should make sure that automatic internet firmware update is disabled.)

Loader Version

There is no explanation of what the Loader is; however I suspect it is the software than loads the Toppys firmware - similar to GNU GRUB bootloader used in many Linux distributions (see If the bootloader for a firmware update differs from the one currently installed on the Toppy this does not matter. It will merely update the bootloader when it is installed. Sometimes new firmware uses an older Loader Version.

It is safe to install firmware with an older Loader.

Device Version

No idea what this means

MAC Address

This is the unique identifier of the on-board Ethernet port.

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