Smart Apps

Add-on non-PVR features to various Toppys. The nature of the 'smart apps' and the way they are accessed depends on the Toppy model and, in some cases, the firmware version.

When first introduced, the 'smart apps' were accessed directly from the Entertainment Menu, and this is still the case with the TF-7100HDPVRt Plus, TRF-2470, 7170 and 7260. 'Entertainment' Menu. For the TRF-2400, TRF-2470 and TF-T6000 they are accessed by the TVPortal menu item on the 'Entertainment' Menu.

The support for 'smart apps' was fundamentally changed with the release of the TF-T6211 in October 2014. The TF-T6211 can run a large variety of Android App that can be downloaded from the Goggle PlayStore or loaded from a USB Stick. The are accessed via the 'Android" menu. There is a detailed discussion of the use of Android Apps elsewhere.

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