Silver Sep 06

Loader Version L5.07 (although the firmware does not seem to contain the loader)
Device Version v5.3.6
Application Version TF-NPTA 5.13.04
Last Update Sep 05 2006

download from Andy Cullen Author of the famous PBK tap. Andy's page provides both the standard version of the firmware and a version with the following patches (see List of Firmware Patches for what these patches do):

  • FireBird Power Restore
  • FireBird HDDDetection
  • DeadBeef Startup Acceleration
  • DeadBeef Timer Patch

Note: Newer machines supposedly have new tuner modules which required a new loader (L5.07). These machines cannot load firmwares desgined for the old loader (L4.16). However, older machines (with L4.16) can load the newer firmwares.

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