Reservation Screen

General Information

The Reservations Screen shows all the reservations, including those that currently don't match any EPG entries in the case of Intelligent Recording reservations.

The list is shown in date order (oldest first). If you have any IR timers that don't match any EPG entries then these will be listed first as they are in the past. Then you will see the future Reservations.

The example above was captured on Thursday Apr 24 at 15:35. Therefore entries 1-3 are IR timers that don't match any programs on the EPG (for example if the show has ended its season). Entries 4 and later are the future Reservations.

From left to right, the columns are as follows:

  • item number
  • reservation name (the program name if it was generated from the EPG)
  • date/time of the reservation
  • duration
  • reservation type (OT/ED/WK/WD/IR)
  • R (record) or P (preselect)
  • TV or Radio reservation

Pressing the "Info" button shows the related EPG information for the timer, if it exists. Doing this on an old IR timer will show a message "This reservation has description. Please wait for a minute in the service". It is trying to say that the EPG data may not have been received yet and to change to that channel so it can be retrieved. But as it is in the past it will never get any.

Adding Reservations

The easiest way to add a reservation is to do it via the EPG. If you press record on the program on the EPG it will create a Reservation for you which will include a link to the EPG description that will be saved with the Recording.

You can adjust all recordings' time, duration, repetition, and filename, except for IR reservations. IR reservations must be deleted and added via the EPG.

You can manually add a new Reservation in the Reservation screen by pressing the Red button.

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