The RemoteSwitch TAP allows you to use other Topfield Remotes with your PVR. For example, if you have 2 x 2400s then you could control one with a 5000 remote and the other with the standard 2400 remote so that they don't interfere with each other.

The following example is taken from dRdoS7 who wanted to use BOTH a 5000 and 2470 remote to control his 2470 Link to original post.

I put 3 TAPs: (RemoteSwtich, VolkeyPatch & CRP_WhitekeyFix) in AutoStart, and configured using the RemoteSwitchGUI TAP (put in ProgramFiles).

I am using a 5000 remote, also want to use the 2470 remote, with a 2470.

The first 3 modes are set to "inactive", Modes 4 & 5 are set to "active".

The last line "Fernbedienung", which is "Remote Control", is type of remote going to be used. In my case it was "5000".

Initially I had this set to 2400, thinking that it was for the type of Toppy. Vol & Prog keys didn't operate as required, except in menus, etc.

Firebird posted that the firmware contained function required and a modified VolkeyPatch TAP which added some lines to the log file. This showed the VolkeyPatch TAP did work on a 2470.

I can post my ini file, but that will different for others, depending on Toppy & Remote being used.

My wife is happy she can use her 5000 remote with the 2470. Also, now I can buy another 2470, or a 2400, to replace her 5000.

There is a FAQ prepared by IanL-S on the Topfield Australia Forum (Forum is currently missing in action) on using this TAP. An updated version on this wiki.

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