Remote Key Presses Ignored

Occasional remote control key presses are ignored by the Topfield (ie. the Topfield does not recognize that a key has been pressed on the remote control and the LED does not respond). See this forum post.
This problem is not always obvious as it may be confused with dying batteries in the remote or with the remote being too far away from the Topfield.

However, it is easy to test by renaming a file to "ABCDEFGABCDEFGABCDEFGABCDEFG" (ie. OK, right arrow, OK, right arrow, etc - just press the OK, right arrow 28 times). Any ignored buttons should be obvious (unless 2 were ignored in a row):

  • If the right arrow is ignored then you will get a double letter,
  • If the OK button is ignored then you will get a missing letter.

If there are no missing letters or doubles, then you probably don't have the bug (see below for activating different variations of the bug), or you just got lucky and should try again.
(You can exit out without saving the renamed file).

Here is an example of renaming the file with the bug:

A lengthy discussion of this bug is in this UK forum thread


Although the symptoms of this bug are always the same, it is activated/deactivated differently depending on the firmware.
Of the 2 variations, Variation 1 is preferred as the bug is not present until activated.

Variation 1 - Firmwares up to and including Sep-06 and then from Mar-09

By default the bug is deactivated.

To activate - press the power button without putting the unit in standby, ie:
1 - start a recording,
2 - press the standby button,
3 - select "no" (don’t power down while recording)
4 - stop the recording.

To deactivate - put the unit in/out of standby

Variation 2 - Firmwares between Nov-07 and Mar-08

By default the bug is activated.

To activate - put the unit in/out of standby

To deactivate - cut the power to the unit while the unit is on, ie:
1 - have the Topfield on (not in standby),
2 - turn the power off (pull the plug) for 10 seconds,
3 - turn the power back on

An alternate way to deactivate Variation 2 of the bug is to run Firebird's reboot tap. It's available for download with his shutdown tap from here: []. This reboots the Topfield, but unlike manually putting the unit in/out of standby the bug does not return!

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