Reformatting internal HDD

From time to time it will be necessary to reformat the Toppys internal HDD. In some cases when the Toppy starts up it detects that there is a problem with the file system that can only be fixed if the internal HDD is reformatted and will usually ask your permission to reformat the HDD.

There is a firmware bug that can result in the HDD not being reformatted. Normally, reformatting will not take place if there is one or more TAPs running. However, the Toppy does not give a warning that it cannot reformat the internal HDD, it just aborts the process.

If you have TAPs in your AutoStart directory, you will need to stop the before reformatting the internal HDD.

Reformatting the internal HDD will delete your recordings, media files, and TAPs. You should back-up -must-have files before doing the reformatting.

The various ways of transferring recordings and TAPs are discussed here.

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