PVR Will Not Start

Possible causes include

Dead or dying power supply

(Following is from user TBZ from the Topfield Australia Forum here: http://topfield.forumchitchat.com/post/show_single_post?pid=1290799220&postcount=1&forum=375571)

A relative's 2400 (Purchased in 2010) stopped outputting anything the other day and when ON there was nothing on the front display as if it was completely dead . You could power it off with the remote or power button and it would start the shutdown routine, ie "Wait: and then drop back to the clock. Pressing anything would blank the display and bring on a very small power symbol on the display (A circle with a stick coming out) This sequence is completely new to me and I have seen a few over the years.

The firmware reload process did not work, which was my first guess, so I took a look inside. Everything was in place but I saw some dodgy capacitors on the Power Supply Board.

Lucky for me I have a few 2400's so I swapped out the Power Supply Board with another one and everything functioned as it should.

Back with the old board I measured the voltages which all seemed to be OK despite the suspect capacitors. 3 in a set, C23,C24 and C25 were all leaking a bit out of the top but one was bulging and pushing itself off its base. All other capacitors on the board looked fine. These were 3300uF 10V caps.

I got a couple of caps and my soldering kit out but just changed the one bulging out of it's base to see if that would do the trick. Bingo all good. I'll just keep this board in one of my 2400s and see how it goes for now.

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