PVR stopped working

My Topfield Masterpiece 2400 worked very well for years and then one day it stopped playing or booting up at all.

- When on standby the front display shows a working clock as usual and all seems well.
- When turning off standby it won't boot or show anything on the display except a very small power icon (a circle with a line through it).

It seems to be the same symptoms that the user TBZ detailed here:
and here:

He replaced a capacitor on the motherboard to fix the problem.

I followed his lead, replacing the same 3300uF / 10V capacitors (I replaced 3 of the same type, at least one was sick).
These capacitors are close together on the small motherboard next to the power cord inside the Masterpiece box.

After replacing them with new ones all was well!

Tips for newbies like me (mostly from Youtube advice):
The small motherboard comes out easily after unscrewing it and unplugging 4 plastic plugs.
Replace the capacitors with as close as possible uF and V ratings to the originals.
Make sure you have the capacitor positive and negative wires correctly placed.
I used a normal soldering iron and solder to remove the old capacitors and put in new ones (checking Youtube soldering tips helped me).

This info is the same as TBZ's post, but I hope it helps someone.

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