Progress Bar Bug

Progress bar / 2 timer recordings / Chase Play bug

See end of this page for a solution to prevent this bug.


When recording on two channels started by timers - pressing play fails to bring up the Progress bar and you are therefore unable to "chase play" a recording. The bug can also apparently appear with just a single "timer-started" recording1.

According to AndyCullen here this bug was introduced in the Nov 05 firmware and has been present every since2.

According to reports in this thread on the Australian Topfield forum the prevelance of this bug is very low in the Jan 06 and Feb 06 firmwares but high in the Sep 06 firmware.

When you get the bug on a recording, that recording can't be timeshifted in anyway. Play button won't bring up the progress bar, selecting the recording from the file list won't start the recording from the beginning and the record roundel does not have a solid red centre.3

If you press the pause key while there is one recording happening (and it has the chase play bug) the show pauses but when you unpause it jumps straight to live4.

If there are 2 current recordings and you pause one with the chase play bug you get the message "Timeshift can't use because of two recording" (sic). It pauses, but, when you unpause it jumps straight to live5.

How to recreate

This bug happens intermittently, but can be forced to happen immediately after a factory reset and channel scan. Here are the steps to recreate the problem:
1. Factory Reset
2. Service Scan
- Note Tuner 1 is on LCN8 (NBN), Tuner 2 is on LCN2 (ABC) (your's may be different)
3. Set timer for LCN5 (SC10) in 5 mins (eg. 12:02)
4. Set timer for LCN6 (PRIME) in 6 mins (eg. 12:03)
At 12:02:
- SC10 starts recording (as expected)
At 12:03:
- PRIME starts recording. This causes a "Check you reservation" message (and the channel will change to LCN6)
- ** Both recordings now have the Progress Bar Bug.
If you press the "i" button (info) you will see that neither of the red recording icons have a red centre.
You can not timeshift either recording.
You can not press the play button and bring up the progress bar on either recording.

Technical Cause

(from this post)
R2-D2 (the human patch factory from the UK) explained that these symptoms happen when there is a mismatch between the IDs stored in the recording and the IDs stored for the channel/mux. The UK firmware occassionally gets these symptoms when TSid or ServiceID mismatch. But, the Oz Chase Play bug is caused by the NetworkID being null (x0000). The Topfield checks these IDs match between the current recording and the channel before it will allow you to chase play. If they're different it assumes you are either on a different LCN or on a different channel.
These missing IDs are also then stored in the .rec header (but don't cause any further problem).
This can be confirmed by either looking in the header of the .rec file, or dumping the flash memory for Timers. Details of the rec format and flash format can be found in FireBird's TF_Internal_Info doc. (The silver 5000 seems to be a match for the 5800 layouts).

Any timer I have that has a x0000 in the NetworkID gives me the Chase Play bug!
If I correct value of the NetworkID in the timer (by poking a value into the flash) the timer no longer gets the bug.

When a timer is created the NetworkID is populated from the corresponding channel/mux's OriginalNetworkID in the Transponder data section of flash. I found that the Transponder data has x0000 when the buggy timers are created. So the root cause of the Chase Play bug appears to be the Transponder data missing the OriginalNetworkID.

A Factory reset clears out the Transponder data (as expected).
With the May-05 firmware, a Channel Scan repopulates the OriginalNetworkID in the Transponder data.
But, with all firmware after May-05 (up to and including Mar-08 - currently the latest available) the OrignalNetworkID in the Transponder data is not repopulated by a Channel Scan. This only gets populated when you watch a channel for the first time.

So, after a Factory Reset/Channel Scan, any timers that are set for a channel that you haven't yet watched will have the Chase Play bug.

Solution / Prevention

To prevent this bug from happening you must view each channel (not each LCN, just each mux) before creating any timers.

It is recommended that anyone doing a Factory Reset/Channel Scan, should watch each channel for a second or 2 before creating timers.

If you want to remove the bug (but don't plan on doing a Factory Reset), then:
- watch each channel for a sec or 2, (eg. 2,3,5,6,8 or 2,3,7,9,10 - don't worry about 22 as it's on the same channel/mux as 2),
- then remove all timers and create them again.
(You can use PBK to export and reimport).

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