Power Restore Bug

Topfield will not automatically switch on when power is restored after power failure in standby mode.
Fixed by firmware patch - FireBird Power Restore v3.

What this means is that inorder to avoid this bug you instal a version of the firmware that has been hacked by FireBird (a Topfield hacker from Vienna) rather than instal an official Topfield firmware version.

This bug has existed in all firmwares up to Sept 06 version.

The Nov-07 firmware (v5.3.22) has been changed to address this, but appears to have introduced a new (related) bug (see Lose Settings on Return From Standby for details of the new bug, and this post for a disucssion on the Nov-05 firmware.
Only minimal testing has been done, but it appears there is a power failure and the unit is in standby then:
1 - if auto time the unit is returned to standby after a power failure, but the time IS synchronised
2 - if manual time the unit is returned to standby and the time left at 00:00 on 01/01/04
So the fix only seems to be of any use to auto time users.

The Mar-08 firmware is similar to Nov-07, in that the firmware fix only applies to auto time.
The Power Restore Patch [P]V6 is incompatible with Mar-08 firmware.

Note: The lastest version, [P]V7 (Filename "[P] PowerRestore_06.tfp"), is compatible with the lastest Mar-09 Firmware (and probably also with the Mar-08 firmware).

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