Playback Skips

Sometimes users experience skipping or jumping when playing back a recording. If the file is copied to a PC and played it will play without exhibiting this behaviour. The cause of this annoying behaviour are unknown. However, several solutions have been suggested:

  1. Do nothing, the behaviour will eventually stop. (This happened to me the one time I experienced it.)
  2. The user settings have become corrupted. Do a reset to factory settings, power down the Toppy, when it powers up again do another reset to factory settings and then do a service scan and customise your settings. (Do NOT save and retrieve your settings as this defeats the purpose!)
  3. The firmware installation has become corrupted. Reinstall the firmware using abundant caution approach.
  4. There is a problem with the file system on the internal HDD. Reformat the internal HDD.
  5. Reboot the PVR - sometimes a TAP (through incorrect programming) will corrupt the memory on the PVR causing instability. Rebooting will fix this issue. If the problem persists try to isolate the offending TAP.

Sometimes signal problems can result in the playback skipping; this is caused by variation in the signal quality and/or strength. Usually the impact is minor, however in extreme cases it can make the recoding difficult to watch. There is a discussion of signal related issues here.

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