Playback Interuption Bugs

There are 2 broad categories of interruptions:
- Interruptions that occur while watching live TV, and
- Interruptions that occur while playing back a previous recording.

An interruption can occur when you are watching or playing back and a timer is about to start. The Topfield will often put up a check you reservation (CYR) message and then change the channel you are watching. It should not do this because it has two tuners. It should be able to display a show on one channel and then record on a second channel without interupting the viewing of the first channel.

For more details see Play Back Interuption Scenarios

This is regarded as a bug because there is no logical reason why playback should need to stop just because the unit wants to start a recording. However, Topfield have issued this statement defending their position.

R2D2 has produced 2 patches to address these issues:
- Watch No CYR [Xw] patch "which prevents most unnecessary interruptions to viewing live TV when a second recording starts", and
- PlayNoCYR [Xp] patch which prevents playback stopping on recording start (but sacrifices the ability to copy a recording).
See UK toppy patch page and UK Troubleshooting Playback Interruption.

Results from testing these patches on some Australian firmwares are also documented on Play Back Interuption Scenarios

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