Pip Bug

Using PIP (picture in picture) while dual recording and playing back - one of the recordings can either change channel, or stop prematurely, or be missing a section of the recording, even though the system thinks it's still recording.

Reported in May 05 firmware here by mvtaylor
Reported to still be present in the Sep 06 firmware here by mvtaylor

Tango confirms this bug is also in all firmwares between May-05 and Sep-06 (ie. Nov-05, Dec-05, Jan-06, Feb-06 and Aug-06).

Tango confirms this bug is still in the Nov-07 firmware.

R2D2 (UK toppy hacker) has a patch which is a fix "for when a recording starts when timeshift is active and PiP is open." UK toppy forum and patches page at UK toppy forum … If you have have this bug (or maybe even if you don't) you could consider installng R2D2's Rec PiP Fix [Rp] patch. See R2D2's patch page
The Rec PiP Fix [Rp] patch does not fix the PIP Bug that this page talks about (see UK toppy forum post).

However, R2-D2 has kindly created a new patch that does fix the PIP problem PiP Channel Fix [Pc]. It's not yet available from R2-D2's patch page, but there is a download link in this UK toppy forum post.

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