Output stuck on 576i after firmware update

With recent firmware something has changed and when the firmware is installed, the output is stuck on 576i, and the yellow skip key may not work.

The solution is to do a factory reset, and when the Toppy powers up do another factory reset, followed by a service scan. When you check the output setting the correct default of 1080i is shown and you can change the output.

With the 2400 the yellow skip key did not work before I applied this fix, it now works. Not sure if the same problem happened with the 7260.

The fix works with: TRF-7260, TRF-2400 (and presumably TRF-2460) and TRF-2470. It has not been tested with the TRF-7170 but it will probably work.

Seems to be a feature of all firmware builds compiled since January 2014.

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