No picture or green screen or gargled picture

These is not a reception issue. With digital TV you usually get a perfect picture and sound or nothing.

Green screen

This is the result of a failed attempt at an HDMI handshake between the Toppy and the TV (or HDMI switch or amp). The underlying cause can be a faulty HDMI cable (try another HDMI cable) or a minor hardware fault with one of the HDMI ports (invariably the one on the Toppy). Possible solutions:

  1. Turning the Toppy off and then powering it up again invariably restores reception (only feasible if the Toppy is not recording). A workaround is to also have a component or composite connection between the Toppy and the TV. With most modern TVs the Toppy can send HD output to the TV via a component connection.
  2. Try a factory reset of the TV or reset the HDMI port if that option is available.
  3. You can try doing an abundant caution firmware installation, but that is unlikely to solve the problem.

Garbled picture

This can happen some firmware versions are installed on the Toppy. It is one of the manifestations of output stuck on 576i problem. This results in a garbled output via HDMI; however component and composite output work correctly.

Not picture (but no message about service not running or no service) (HDMI)

If you have a Sharp TVs, the solution is to do a factory reset of the TV. I have found this solves the problem. Another possibility is that the HDMI cable has failed or there is an incomplete HDMI handshake (due to the Toppy). In vary rare cases the Toppy HDMI port may have failed. I had this happen with a TRF-2100 (one of the capacitors on the main board came loose - I could move it up and down).

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