RCU selection menu (TRF-7260 and TF-T6000)

One of the innovations in recent Toppy models is the ability to change the RCU that is recognised by the Toppy through the Settings menu. The instructions in the TRF-7260 manual:

The TRF-7260 supports compatible RCU usage for the PVR set.
Menu > Settings > Miscellaneous > Type of RCU
The RCU code is required for this feature.
Please visit http://topfield.com.au/ for more information

At present, there is no information on the Topfield WWW site.


This setting introduces the possibility of controlling the Toppy with a non-native RCU without the need to use the RemoteSwitch TAP. For both the TRF-7260 and the TF-T6000 the primary remote is the TP602/TP800.

The TRF-7260 also has native support for the TP307 RCU used by the 7160/7170 and TF7100HDPVRt Plus. With the defaults settings the TRF-7260 can be controlled by any of the TP602/TP802/TP307/TP807/TP850/TP857. Support for the TP307/TP807 RCU support is removed by setting the RCU Code to 01980. Using the TP307 RCU with the TRF-7260 can be problematic, particularly if it is used interchangeably with either the TP602 or ’TP802’. Initially the TRF 7260 shipped with the TP307, but it now ships with the TP802. The TP602 does not appear to have ever shipped with the TRF-7260.

The TF-T6000 has two pre-set RCUs, the TP602 and the TP501. If the TP602 is selected, the TP800 will probably work.

Other RCUs can be selected by inserting a 5-digit model code. A listing of codes for other RCUs will be on the Australian Topfield WWW site (they are not currently listed there).

FireBird has worked out the 5 digit codes that can be used change the RCU recognised (TF-T6000) or change the secondary RCU recognised (TRF-7260/TRF-7260Plus). This has tested on a TF-T6000, and it will probably work with a TRF-7260/TRF-7260Plus.

RCU Model 5 digit code Comment
TP006/TP304/TP013 mode 4 08415 support is limited due to lack of some keys; vol+- keys do not work
TP307/TP807/TP013 mode 1 00564 TP013 support is limited due to lack of some keys and vol+- keys do not work
TP501 20481
TP602/TP800/TP850/TP857 01279
TP013 mode 2 18688 support is limited due to lack of some keys and vol+- keys do not work
TP013 mode 3 18841 support is limited due to lack of some keys and vol+- keys do not work

The RCU cannot be changed using the RCU, you have to use the controls on the front of the Toppy to select a pre-set RCU or to add an RCU code. Once you have done this, you must power down the Toppy using the power button on the front panel. When the Toppy is restarted the new RCU selection takes control.

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