Missed Timers

The topfield intermitantly fails to to record a show that has been set up for recording using the timer system. This will occur even if the topfield is running on manual time and if the unit is left on continuously.

This bug was apparently introduced with the Sept 06 firmware.
tango says that this bug shows itself within one or two days of instal of the Sep 06 firm ware.

This bug would appear to be sometimes confused with the Fail to Wake up bug. However, the Missed Timers bug will happen even if the Toppy is never put on standby. The Fail to Wake up bug is apparent when the toppy is put into standby mode.

Ttguy has not really seen this bug in his May-05 firmware so he does not believe it exists in it.

However, garyvx says
" combination of the firmware and how the person "uses" the toppy. That is, what Taps they run and in what order also if they run Teds every day and delete timers and add them again each day. " which determines if this bug shows up.

There are conflicting reports on this bug with the Aug 06 firmware. See this thread.

tango has recreated this missed timer bug with:
- the unpatched Aug-06 firmware;
- the unpatched Sep-06 firmware; and
- the patched (HPST) Sep-06 firmware from Andy's PBK site.
The bug was recreated with no TAPs loaded.

The process used to recreate the bug was:

  • 1. Watch SBS and start a manual recording on SBS
  • 2. Watch PRIME
  • 3. Set a timer for SC10 to start soon (eg. 12:02)
  • 4. Play a file on disk
  • At 12:02:
  • - SC10 starts recording (as expected). Playback is not interrupted.
  • At 12:03:
  • 5. Stop playback
  • 6. Stop recording on SBS
  • 7. Set a timer for PRIME to start soon (eg. 12:06)
  • At 12:06:
  • - ** Recording for PRIME does not start (strange!)
  • At 12:07:
  • 8. Stop recording on SC10
  • - ** Timer for PRIME starts recording as soon as SC10 recording is stopped
  • 9. Stop PRIME recording
  • 10. Change to SBS (should still be on SBS)
  • 11. Set a new timer for PRIME to start soon (eg. 12:10)
  • At 12:10:
  • - ** Recording for PRIME does not start - MISSED TIMER

In some of my tests the timer for PRIME (at 12:06) did start. But continuing on with the steps, and changing to SBS before setting the last timer, still resulted in the last timer being missed.

I also found out, that when the missed timer fails to start you can force it to start by starting a manual recording and stopping it. The missed timer then fires. (This has to be done within 5 mins of the start time, or the Topfield removes it from the list / rolls over to next week, etc)
This makes the missed timer problem sound like the Topfield thinks all tuners are busy…(?)

TTguy could not reproduce this bug in unpatched Nov 07 Silver 5000 FW

Note: As of the Nov-07 firmware this MIssed Timers bug has "transformed" into a Corrupt Recordings (aka 3rd Tuner Bug). see this post by Tango on 10 Dec 2007.
With the Nov-07 firmware a Corrupt Recording can be recreated with very similar steps to recreating the Missed Timer bug above. Here are the steps:

  • 1. Watch LCN3 (SBS) and start a manual recording
  • 2. Watch LCN6 (PRIME)
  • 3. Go to menu: Recording / Timer Setting
  • Note: If the channel has changed back to SBS, then
  • - press exit,
  • - change back to PRIME, and then
  • - go back to menu Recording / Timer Setting
  • 4. Set a timer for LCN5 (SC10) to start soon (eg. 12:02)
  • 5. Playback a previous recording
  • At 12:02:
  • - SC10 starts recording (as expected). Playback is not interrupted.
  • At 12:03:
  • 6. Stop playback
  • 7. Stop recording SBS
  • 8. Set a timer for LCN6 (PRIME) to start soon (eg. 12:06)
  • At 12:06:
  • The PRIME timer starts, but SBS remains on the screen
  • - ** We now appear to have 3 tuners!
  • - SBS showing live
  • - PRIME recording on Tuner 1
  • - SC10 recording on Tuner 2
  • and you can change channels to ANY channel!

If you stop both recordings and playback the SC10 you will see it is corrupted and stops after only 2 mins.

TTguy could not reproduce this bug in unpatched Nov 07 Silver 5000 FW

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