migrateTMShdd TAP

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If you want to install a larger hard drive in your PVR, you may want to transfer data from the old to the new drive. This TAP is intended to simplify the process. The entire hard drive is transmitted, eg recordings, all TAPs and the Battle Tank game.

To start the migration:

  • Turn off the PVR and disconnect all cables
  • Unplug all USB sticks and hard drives. Only the old hard drive can be connected until the end of the migration
  • Remove old disk and install the new hard drive into the PVR
  • Start the PVR and format the new disk from the PVR
  • Copy the migrateTMShdd TAP and the FirmwareTMS.dat onto the new disk (Program Files). Please do not copy other TAPs because after migration, the original TAP configuration is restored.
  • Ensure TAP's setting "Automatic Power Down" is set to "off", otherwise the PVR will turn off when not in use and the copying process is interrupted - Menu - Settings - Advanced Settings, Automatic Power Down is set to "off
  • Connect the old drive to the USB or eSATA port, and wait until the "external drive connected" message is displayed
  • start the MigrateTMShdd TAP

migrateTMShdd first looks for a matching hard drive, and then indicates the number of files to copy, and their size. If this is confirmed, you get into a setup menu that offers the following:

  • Transfer Mode = "Move" or "Copy". If you select "Move", the old hard drive after copy is empty (the directory structure remains exist).
  • Speed ​​= "High" or "Low". When "High", the highest transfer speed is reached, but the pot may have a delayed reaction to input.
  • Progress indicator = "Off" or "On". At "On", a bar is displayed while copying, the information on the current progress. The implementation is very simple and I know that it is not compatible with all TAPs (eg SmartEPG with clock display). If it does not work as expected, just disable the menu.
  • After finishing off = "Yes" or "No". "Yes," turn off the PVR after the transfer of all files. If not all files are transferred, an information dialog is displayed and the PVR turns on regardless of this setting is not off. This is also the case if the transfer is interrupted by the user.

The transfer can be started by pressing the OK button. During the transmission, migrateTMShdd may be terminated at any time using the PVR's filer or TMSCommander. The menu can be reached only through the TMSCommander (Turning the percentage bar, change the transmission speed). While the data is being copied, the PVR can be used, it will react but slightly delayed.

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