List of Firmware Patches

Popular Firmware Patches with their Code Letters1,2

  • HDD Detection (D) - gives the Toppy more time to Detect the hard disk after a reboot and thus fixes problems with the Topfield detecting a Samsung HDD.
  • HDD Patch (H) - removes a spin-down/spin-up of the Hard Disk Drive in the boot sequence and may increase HDD life.
  • Power Restore (P) - boots the Toppy after a Power cut.
  • Rec Roundel (R) - makes the the recording Roundel display the recording filename instead of the channel.
  • Startup Patch (S) - makes the Toppy Startup faster.
  • TAPdiskFix (F) - Fixes the crashing due to starting and stopping TAPs a lot of times.
  • Timer Patch (T) - fixes the Timer mechanism to help prevent missed recordings.
  • USB Accelerator Patch (U) Increases speed of USB transfers from the toppy to PC.
  • USBUpload (Uu) speeds up USB transfers to the Toppy (not from it)
  • Callbacks (Cb) - enables TAPs to use the USB and PCM callbacks properly in the presence of other TAPs
  • PlayNoStutter (Ps) stops the Toppy thrashing the disk to periodically check for encrypted video. This should prevent the stutter when the disk is otherwise being heavily used during playback (multiple recording and USB transfers)
  • RecPiPFix (Rp) - fixes an issue when timeshift is on, PiP is open and a recording starts - ie probably fixes the PIP Bug.
  • TimerSetting (Ts) - makes the Timer Setting screen display the recording filename
  • PlayNoCYR (Xp) - prevents playback being interrupted when a second recording starts.3
  • WatchNoCYR (Xw) - which prevents most unnecessary interruptions to viewing live TV when a second recording starts.4

For a full list of currently available patches visit TAPWorld's FW Patches web page

Another great source of patches and patch infomation is R2D2s patches page.

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