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SmartEPG Notice

A new version has been released. First in more than 12 months.


oztoppy forum is 'live'

The new Toppy user maintained forum - has gone live. (03/09/16) ; click here.

Important Notice

While the Topfield Australia www site has gone the Topfield Australia Forum is still working. It can be accessed here. Additionally as this wiki's forum is rarely used or monitored, users are encouraged to post questions on the Topfield Australia Forum. As such write access to this wiki's forum has been disabled. (
The new oztoppy Forum is hosted elsewhere.)

Latest News

1 January 2020

A limitation in the firmware of TMS Toppys results in daylight saving auto-adjustment ceasing to work. FireBird with the help of DeltaMikeCharlie and ibbi has created updated firmware that fixes the problem. The updated firmware can be found via the oztoppy Firmware Archive.

23 September 2017

Firmware page has been updated with links to replacement firmware archive.

6 December 2016

Commencement of ABC HD (MPEG 4/H.264) ABC will continue in Standard Definition (LCN 2 and 21 metropolitan areas) and News 24 will change to Standard Definition. Presumably ABC HD will be on LCN 20 in metropolitan areas.

19-21 November 2016

Online auction held on behalf of the liquidator of Toppro Pty Ltd (Australian distributor of Topfield products). Included in the listing was a previously unknown Toppy - TRF-8800HD. Its features (similar to a European model) indicate it uses Android rather than Linux and has quad recording.

1 August 2016

Web sites of Toppro ( and Topfield Australian ( replaced by place holders. Topfield Australia Forum ( which is hosted separately is still operating (until the subscription runs out).

25 July 2016

Toppro Pty Ltd, Australian distributor of Topfield products appoints liquidator.

26 May 2016

SmartEPG 7.2b released - Bugfix: reboot during the scan of certain channels
Tap only needs to be replaced if done manually.

16 May 2016

Topfield Australia Forum is back. No explanation of its absence.

26 April 2016

Topfield Australia Forum 'disabled' - looks like someone forgot to pay the account.

21 April 2016

New TRF-2200 firmware released. Fixes 7 Network EPG issues.

13 April 2016

A helpful contributor on the Topfield Australia Forum "2460user" has posted a number of YouTube videos on how to do various things on the TAP capable Topfield PVRs. They can be accessed via this link. We'll also add permanent links to the side menus to these videos.

2460user's YouTube Playlist

02 March 2016

TEN has commenced a high definition (HD) simulcast of its primary channel at 3pm AEDT on Wednesday 2 March. TEN HD, on Channel 13, will be available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. The HD broadcast will be in MPEG-4. For more see here:

05 February 2016

New firmware for TRF-2400/2460/5300/5310/5320 2.16.00 available via network update.

New firmware for TRF-7160/7170/7260 1.16.00 available via network update.

Seems to fix issues with playback on MPEG4 recordings.

Not available for download from Topfield www site (either Australia or Korea).

Download links are on the firmware list page.

31 December 2015

TAPtoDate is working again.

A manual install is available here:

23 December 2015

TAPtoDate is briefly experiencing problems at its present hosting site. This means that it will not work at the moment.
This situation has occurred due to the amount of traffic being generated to the site. More information will be provided as it comes to hand.

Also SmartEPG (SE) has been updated to V7.1 and is downloadable as an install TAP from the usual source, but not TAPtoDate.

14 December 2015

Looks like TAPtoDate is back and available here: - You will need to re-run the installer available on that site.

December 2015

A new firmware for the TRF-2200 is available on the Topfield Australia www site (version TF-AHR 1.00.02 dated 2015-11-24). Firmware adds pre- and post-padding (up to 30 minutes). There is no indication what bug fixes, changes or improvements are included in this firmware.

November 2015

It is confirmed that the new models are as below. See the comparison chart for more details.

Also, the Nine Network have started transmitting their primary channel in HD on Ch 90. This will require a rescan on the PVR. Only PVRs that support MPEG4 will be able to pick up the new channel. Channel 9 will continue to transmit the same content in SD.MPEG2.

September 2015

There appears to be some new Topfield models: TRF-5300/5310/5320, and TRF-2200. As more info comes to hand we'll expand on each model in separate pages.

July 2015

TAPtoDate is out of action

For more information see the Topfield Australia Forum.

23 June 2015

Topfield Australia Forum back after a weekend off.

19 June 2015

Topfield Australia Forum - - not available. Message display:
Disabled forum
This forum is currently disabled.
If you are the owner, please login to your Website Toolbox account for more information. Thank you.

Topfield Australia is looking into the matter. For reasons to complex to explain, the Forum will definitely be off-line all weekend.

7 May 2015

SmartEPG 7.0b released - lots of bug fixes and compatibility with WebControl V1.4
Tap and lng needs to be replaced if done manually

03 March 2015

New firmware (dated 3 Feb 2015) available by network update for TRF-7260 (1.05.00) and TRF-7160 (1.11.00). Firmware has stuck on 576i problem and other issues similar to all firmware released since March 2014 (see special updating instructions). The 7160 (for System ID 33021) firmware is now available for download from the Topfield Australia www site.

10 January 2015

SmartEPG 6.4 released - Bug fixes and Red Key Alternatives
Tap only needs to be replaced.

15 December 2014

TF-T6211 firmware 1.0.36 is available via internet update. EPG bugs introduced in 1.0.34 fixed.

28 November 2014

TF-T6211 firmware 1.0.34 was available via internet update. There is a serious problem with timers. Fixes include missing audio and subtitles (closed captions). First post-release firmware. Recommend that you do not install this firmware.

19 November 2014

SmartEPG 6.3b released - + ICE icon was showing for default timers - now removed. + Bug fix for Conflict View
Tap only needs to be replaced.

15 November 2014

SmartEPG 6.3a released - New information features related to timers.
Tap and .lng needs to be replaced.

28 October 2014

TF-T6211 apparently now shipping - user questions appear on Topfield Australia Forum.

22 October 2014

'New' firmware for the TRF-7170 (1.04.00), 16 June 2014, was posted on the Topfield Korea site on 22.10.14. It is unclear what changes are included in this firmware. The Battletank game is mentioned. It is not yet on the Topfield Australia www site. Update Reports of oversized image on Topfield Australia Forum.

10 October 2014

SmartEPG 6.3 released - New Search Mode and many bug fixes.
Tap and .lng needs to be replaced.

16 August 2014

SmartEPG 6.2c released - fixes a bug with Online Timer
Tap only needs to be replaced

08 August 2014

New firmware for the TBF-7300 and TF-T6000 posted on Topfield Korea www site. WARNING: This firmware has not been tested by the user community so it may have unknown vices. Install it at your own risk.
TF-T6000 v 1.10.00
TFB-7300 v 1.10.01

31 July 2014

SmartEPG 6.2b released - two bugfixes

25 June 2014

Topfield Korea takes over distribution of Topfield products in Australia

28 May 2014

New products listed on Topfield Australia/Toppro www site including two BlueRay players

17 May 2014

Topfield Australia/Toppro establish new User Forum -

8 May 2014

SmartEPG 6.2a released - works with Australian Toppys

1 May 2014

Remote Switch V2.2 released - Mode 6 support added - English .lng file added for menus

29 April 2014

SmartEPG 6.2 released - works with Australian Toppys

29 April 2014

New firmware for TF-T6000 (2014.03.28) available via Topfield Australia and Google backup site

24 April 2014

Adding documentation of the Topfield TMS Menu System here.

13 April 2014

SmartEPG 6.1b released - works with Australian Toppys

1 April 2014

SmartEPG 6.1a released - works with Australian Toppys (this is currently beta version)

27 March 2014

SmartEPG 6.1 has released - this version is (for reasons yet to determined) incompatible with Australian Toppys; causes slow response to RCU and eventually cases the Toppy to freeze. Australian users should continue to use 6.0b.

24 January 2014

Firmware with compile date of 02 December 2014 for the TRF-2470 (1.10.00) and the TRF-7160 (1.09.00) [only for system ID 33021] posted on the Topfield Korea www site.

20 January 2014

Firmware with compile date of 10 January 2013 for the TRF-2100 (1.10.00) posted on the Topfield Korea www site.

01 December 2013

There may be a problem with firmware placed on the Topfield Korea www site this week. There has been one report of a 7100+ being bricked during firmware installation (system ID 32030). The issue has been reported to Toppro and Topfield Korea. The procedure for resurrecting a 'bricked' Toppy is described here.

29 November 2013

Toppro/Topfield Australia www site has been down at least since 9.30 am. Back again some time on morning of 30 November.
New firmware for 7100+ on Korean Topfield www site (version 1.10.00 29).

28 November 2013

New firmware for the 7260 (1.01.00 dated 18 November 2013) and 7170 (1.03.00 dated 19 November 2013) posted on Korean Topfield www site in last 24 hours. Hopefully new firmware for other models will follow.

01 November 2013

The TRF-2400 is apparently shipping with a new RCU. There are reports on the DTV Forum that this RCU does not work properly with some TAPs as it uses a different code for the Red function key. Apparently it is relatively easy to fix. jdaSkip now has a compatible version. It is designed for both the7260 and the 2400.

06 October 2013

Daylight saving kicks in. If you are running firmware Nov 2011 or later and use the free-to-air EPG and have Daylight Saving setting as "On" the Toppy will pick up the change in time from the transmission signal and, apparently, will automatically adjust the EPG data and timers. If you use IceTV EPG data the situation is more complex. Detailed instructions are given on the IceTV www site. This procedure is an "abundant caution" approach. Changing the daylight saving setting is only necessary if you resend timers before daylight saving kicks in.

14 September 2013

Anniversary of build date of "current" TRF-7160 firmware (1.08.00). Broken TAP support still inflicted on owners.

13 September 2013

New user guide for TRF-2400 posted on Topfield Korea WWW site (8 pages).

05 September 2013

TF-T6000 added to model listing. Firmware (1.08.00) as download; no download for manual.

02 September 2013

New Topfield site is up and running. Only via; currently out of action. No forum; firmware downloads via redirection to Topfield Korea. The TF-T6000 listed on the site, but no download for manual or firmware.

22 August 2013

New firmware for the TRF-2100 posted on Topfield Korea WWW site - firmware version 1.09.05. Not all that new, build date is 24 May 2013.

17 August 2013

The Topfield Korea WWW site is down; both and are down.

01 August 2013

New feature in TRF-7260 and TF-T6000: A new setting option has been added allowing the user to change the RCU supported by the Toppy. See discussion here.

30 July 2013

New topic added to wiki

30 July 2013

New topic added to wiki

25 July 2013

  • New topic added to wiki - controlling multiple Toppys in the same room (using RemoteSwitch Tap).
  • Whirlpool user writes that he saw a 7260 at Harvey Norman - first known sighting of this new model.

18 July 2013

Topfield Australia says new web site coming soon (popup when opening home page; will not show if popups blocked). No mention made of the forum.

16 July 2013

Topfield Korea posts new firmware for 2400 and 2460. Also begins hosting firmware for some older models. Seems to throw some doubt on the local Toppro site providing this service in the future. Portal with additional features added; firmware moves to 2.01.00.

14 July 2013

User on DTV forum posts about buying a TFT6000 from Harvey Norman Osborne Park. If that is correct, then is the first known release of this product through a retail chain in Australia. Price was $620

30 June 2013

Is TAPWorld making a comeback? See this article for hints that someone is looking to resurrect the site.

12 June 2013

User on DTV posts about a new Topfield model being sold through ebay. It is called the TF-T6000 and is being described as the new flagship model in Topfield's PVR lineup.

23 May 2013

Topfield website returns to operation but all download links are broken.

Early March 2013

Topfield's website and forum become unavailable. This starts some speculation that the local Topfield distributor (Toppro) is going out of business or that Topfield Korea is looking for a new distributor.

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