Jump Buttons Not Always Working

The topfield has a series of coloured buttons that are set up to jump certain distances in the recored/timeshifted program. The yellow button jumps forward 30secs and the blue button jumps back 10 seconds. These buttons are very usefull for skipping commercials. However, unless a TAP is installed these buttons do not work in all modes. (reference)

In the May 05 firmware the jump keys behave as follows (when no TAPs are running)
In live TV with progress bar open blue goes back 20 secs into the timeshift buffer. But with progress bar off it goes back 10 sec.
In playback of recorded show the and the progress bar off or on blue button does nothing.

In watching in timeshift mode or in playback of recorded show the yellow button goes forward 30 secs (progress bar on or off). It brings the progress bar up when you press it.

The red button in live TV or in playback brings up Picture In Picture (PIP). In timeshift mode red button does nothing - PIP not available. The green button sets a bookmark.

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