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This TAP allows you to configure any 4 keys (by default the RED, GREEN, YELLOW, and BLUE keys) to skip any number of seconds forwards or backwards. The skipping works in playback mode of a recording, timeshift, and also media playback.


  • Download the kit to your PC, and extract the TAP file.
  • Upload jdaSkip.tap to the ProgramFiles folder via FTP or transfer via a USB stick
  • If you don’t have the Firebird fonts on your PVR, download the font pack from here: Font Pack and unzip under /ProgramFiles/Settings/Fonts.
  • Manually start the TAP from the PVR by going into the filelist and pressing » until you get to the "Program Files" view.
  • Press OK on the tap file to start it.


Important: you must configure the TAP before using it. Since the different models of Topfield PVRs use different remotes, the remote keys do not send the same sequence on all remotes. So you have to “train” jdaSkip – this involves going into the jdaSkip menu and telling jdaSkip what the Red/Green/Yellow/Blue keys are (by pressing them) and what your skip keys are.

To get into the menu press the exit key (by default) from Live TV. Set the options for the various coloured keys by scrolling to that key's line and press Left or Right. Remember to save the settings. NB. The best way to manage your TAPs' menus is to use the TMSCommander TAP also available from the same site as jdaSkip.

When you're happy with it move the tap to the AutoStart folder to automatically start the TAP every time you restart the box.


Setting Values Default Notes
Skip Mode Standard | Binary Standard Type of skip, binary not implemented
Set Red/Green/Yellow/Blue <various keys> 2400 Red/Green/Yellow/Blue This must be actioned at least once to teach jdaSkip these keys
Set Skip Keys <various keys> Red/Green/Yellow/Blue This must be actioned at least once to configure your skipping keys
Skip Key 1 Seconds # of seconds to skip for Skip Key 1 60 Can be +ve (forward skip) or -ve (back skip)
Skip Key 2 Seconds # of seconds to skip for Skip Key 2 0 0 seconds means it is not activated
Skip Key 3 Seconds # of seconds to skip for Skip Key 3 30 Can be +ve (forward skip) or -ve (back skip)
Skip Key 4 Seconds # of seconds to skip for Skip Key 4 -10 Can be +ve (forward skip) or -ve (back skip)
Menu Key <various keys> | TMSCommander Exit What key will bring up the menu
Reserve standard keys for progress bar Yes|No Yes Select this to be able to use the std Red/Green/Blue/Yellow when the ProgressBar is displayed1
Display progress bar when skipping Yes|No No Should the ProgressBar be shown when skipping
Show graphic on single skip No | Yes No Whether to show the skip graphic on a single skip key press
Show graphic seconds # of seconds 2 How long to show the graphic for
Use number keys to skip minutes No | Yes No Press one of the number keys skips that number of minutes in playback
Mute on skip No | Yes No Whether sound is muted on skipping
Trace Yes|No No Turns on tracing - useful for debugging
Press-and-hold option Time&Percent | Percent | Time | None Time&Percent What is shown when skipping
Quad recording support Yes|No Yes All Oz PVRs should have this set to Yes
Stop jdaSkip Select this to stop the TAP

Other Information

Press and Hold This refers to jdaSkip's support for press-and-hold of remote keys to repeat a key. So for example if you want to repeatedly skip forward using your Yellow key, simply press it and hold it down. While being held the counter on the top right of the screen will change indicating how far it is skipping.

Stay within recording While skipping, jdaSkip will never skip to the very end of a recording which would cause the playback to stop. This is particularly useful in Timeshift mode so you don't go out to "Live" viewing

Media Player Support jdaSkip works on media files as well.

Skipping an edited recording jdaSkip will allow you to skip an edited recording (which the standard firmware skip will not). However the length of skip may be incorrect as the calculation of how far to skip depends on the recording length noted in the nav file which isn't updated on an edit. The amount of difference depends on how much of the recording was edited.

For history or planned features see jdaSkip History

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