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jdaBackToList is a TAP that you can use to configure what happens when you stop playback of a recording/video file.

By default, when you press Stop, the PVR goes back to Live TV. However, quite often you may wish to delete the recording, or play something else, so in these cases it would be better to go back to the Recording List when the playback ends. This is one of the options available in this TAP.


  • Download the kit to your PC
  • Upload jdaBackToList.tap to the /ProgramFiles folder using either FTP/HTTP or a USB key
  • Manually start the TAP from the PVR by going into the Recorded Program list and pressing the » key (FFWD) until the “Program Files” list is displayed. Scroll to the jdaBackToList TAP and press OK to start it.
  • When you're happy with the TAP and would like to start the TAP on every restart of the PVR, move the TAP to the ProgramFiles/AutoStart folder


To configure the TAP you will need another TAP called TMSCommander. This is available here.

Once TMSCommander is running, press Exit to see the TAP menu. Scroll down to the jdaBackToList tap and press ok and a menu of options will be displayed. On the menu key rows press RIGHT or LEFT to change the values. Exiting saves the current values


The TAP will use the configured settings when deciding what happens when you press Stop during playback.

Mute Option
If this is selected then when the playback ends the sound will be muted.

End of Playback Option

File List: this is the default. You will automatically be positioned in the File List, on the line containing the Recording name.
Standby (planned): the machine will be placed into Standby when the playback ends.
Menu: a menu of options will be displayed every time a playback ends.

Stop Playback Menu

Delete Recording: this deletes the recording that was played back
Goto File List: shows the file list
Shutdown PVR: shuts the PVR down immediately
Edit to Start (planned): edit out the recording from the current position to the start
Edit to End (planned): out the recording from the current position to the end

For history or planned features see jdaBackToList History

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