IRRename TAP

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IRRename is a TAP that renames recordings according to their EPG Event information. It tries to fix an issue with IR (Intelligent Recording) where some recordings get the name of the prior EPG event of when it is recorded. The recording contains the right title within its files so this TAP sees if it is different to the name and if so, changes the name of the recording.


If you want to run this TAP automatically, even after a restart, (this is recommended), install the TAP into the /ProgramFiles/AutoStart folder. The easiest way is if your PVR is networked then use an FTP program like Filezilla and copy the IRRename.TAP to that folder. You can either restart the PVR to automatically start it, or locate the TAP by using the PVR’s File browser and press » until you get to the /ProgramFiles listing. Select the AutoStart folder and then press OK on the TAP file. It should show in green writing if it is running.


The TAP can run without configuration. By default it will scan the /DataFiles folder every 60 minutes. If you want to change some parameters you can use the TMSCommander TAP to select its menu.


The TAP will automatically scan the /DataFiles folder every 60 minutes. You can set some additional parameters (as well changing the scan frequency) by using its menu (accessed via TMSCommander). If you set the Deep Scan option on, it will scan all folders below /DataFiles as well. If you set the Tracing option on, the TAP will write a log of its activities to /ProgramFiles/Settings/IRRename/Logs. Another option allows you to do a scan when the TAP (or PVR) starts up.
The TAP will ignore any recording where the first character is “-“ (hyphen). This is the only way to override its renaming.


v1.1 – Add scan at start option – 7/01/14
v1.0 - Initial release - 7/10/11

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