IR Receiver/Sensor Replacement

The information below was distilled from the discussion between whirlpool users Inglewoodpete and agh1 in this thread.

Disconnect the Toppy from electricity supply; power down the Toppy using the RCU or power button on the front. Turn off the power switch on the rear of the Toppy (TRF-2400/2460/2470; TF7100HDPVRt+; TRF-7170; TF-T6000 only) and remove the plug from the power point after turning off the power point.

Leave to stand for a short time. Press and hold the on button on the unit. This will minimise the risk of injurious electrical shock.

Open the Toppy carefully. BEWARE, do not to touch any capacitors. Opening the Toppys require unscrewing 5 screws from around the metal case.


  1. Unscrew 3 screws which hold together the front panel.
  2. Undo another 3 screws that hold the LCD PCB in place.
  3. Carefully detach 2 cables (LCD panel cable).
  4. Locate on the right hand side the IR sensor- it is a black square about 6mm X 6mm with a round dome in the front. It has 3 legs and it is bent over a soft foam. Note well its orientation.
  5. Take a photo to check later at the repair stage.

Source from Jaycar/Elements 11/Altronics an IR sensor. Jaycar carry 2 types in stock. One cost about $6.50 the other $2.55. Both are reported to have worked.


(Z1611A BRM15S8-11 Infra Red RX Module or this one from another source Infra Red RX Module BRM15S8-11).
Some solder mesh would also be useful.


  1. Use a soldering iron take the old unit out (remember the orientation before removing the old IR Sensor).
  2. Gently heat the legs till the solder begins to melt.
  3. Use solder mesh to soak up the melted old solder from both sides of the PCB.
  4. Ensure that the three holes are clear.
  5. Holding the replacement module, place the legs in the correct orientation in the three holes as mentioned earlier (check the photo you took).
  6. Lightly solder the three legs both upper and lower side of the PCB.
  7. If necessary you may trim using side cutters the excess of the three legs from the lower side of the PCB.
  8. Reassemble the parts in the reverse order.

These instructions worked with a TRF-2400, and should work with all TMS Toppys and earlier SD and HD Toppys. They should also work with the TF-T6000 and TRF-2100. It is not known if they will work with the TF-T6221 or set top boxes such as the TBF-7200, TBF-100HD and TBF-200HD.

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