Intelligent Recording - Tips for Reliability

NB this is different to the RS (Recording Series) function found on the 53x0 series recorders

Topfield's IR (Intelligent Record) is a way of trying to record a "series" based on the program title. While this is flawed because of how the networks name shows to include things like "including Lotto draw at 8:25", it can be made to generally work. You cannot set a "global" IR; an IR is set for a particular LCN, for example 7TWO.

All current HD PVRs that support TAPs (2400, 2460, 2470, 7160, 7260, 7170) now support Intelligent Recording (IR). The discontinued 7100+ while it supports TAPs does not support IR. While the TF-T6000 does not presently have TAP support it does have IR support. The 2400 and 2460 do not support IR if IceTV EPG is used.

For detailed information on how to operate IR please see the Topfield IR Guide.

The information below is based on experience with running IR over some months.

Depending on when the IR is set (if you have a fully populated EPG (7 days) then subsequent IR timers can be up to a week old), the eventual actual starting time of the program may move, usually later, and the IR system will name the recording with the previous program's name. This TAP fixes that and will rename all recordings according to their EPG program information stored within the .inf file.

  • Do not have IR timers next to fixed timers.

If future timers change start time due to the broadcaster changing the program's start time, it may clash with the fixed timer and hence will not start, or the fixed timer will not start. I recommend changing the fixed timer to an IR timer.

  • Do not set a new IR timer next to an old IR timer. Rather remove them all and reset them.

The reason is that the old IR timer may be based on a old start time and the new one is based on a new one and they may overlap (i.e. clash) - you can check this but you can bet that the one time you don't they will clash. You don't get an error.

  • Remove old IR timers.

There's no real impact here except for the fact that eventually you will run out of timer slots and you will not be able to set new ones. The other issue is that the old timers are sorted at the top of the list so that reduces the usability of the firmware's timer list viewer.

Other options:

1) IRReview TAP. I have not personally tested this so cannot recommend one way or another. However the theory is sound: if you see a timer doesn't match the EPG event then move the timer. I'd welcome other people's views on this.

2) SmartEPG. Much better option IMOHO!!!

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