Some Topfield HD PVRs support IceTV as a replacement TV Guide and Timer recording management. These include the 2400, 2460, and the 7100Plus.

"IceTV1 is the total smart recording solution. Using our apps or website you can set recordings for all your TV shows and IceTV will manage them for you. You can set your PVR to record whatever you want, from wherever you are. All you need is internet access. Whether you're sitting in front of the TV, on a bus or on holiday overseas, with IceTV you simply choose your show and press "record". Then it's set forever. No more trawling through the TV guide to find it again. We call this IceTV Interactive and it couldn’t be any easier."

Your PVR will need to be connected to your home network which should also be able to connect to the Internet. Software on your PVR uses the internet connection to periodically check for any updates to your timers or program guide from the IceTV website.

IceTV is a subscription based service. For 12 months it will cost $99 although occasionally they have specials and you can pick up half priced deals. Also they can be accumulated, so if you buy 3 x 1 year deals you have coverage for 3 years.

A guide to setting up IceTV on the Topfield PVRs can be found here.

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