Hardware platform

Current Topfield models are based on one of two hardware platforms. There is no listing of the hardware specifications in the user manuals, and only very general information was provided on the Topfield Australia WWW site. It is difficult to track down the hardware specifications.

TMS Toppys (2400/2460/2470,5300/5310/5320,7100+,7160,7170, 7260)

The hardware used in TMS Toppys is basically the same. The summary for the HRP-2300 is probably representative (leaflet). These Toppys use Broadcom BCM7335 processor (leaflet).

This processor was released in January 2008, and support dual tuners, two SATA 2 ports (eSATA support) and up to three USB 2 ports, and 10/100 network. The processor itself is 450 MHz, 32-KB I/D, 128-KB L2.

The data sheet on the HRP-2300 discloses: Flash-ROM: 64MBytes(NOR, 16bits); RAM: 384MBytes DDR SDRAM(48bits); EEPROM: 2KBytes.

These Toppys run a custom Linux operating system. The internal HDD uses the JFS file system and uses littleendian memory management. For a discussion of endianess see here. The JFS file system is discussed here.

TMS+ Toppys1 (TRF-2100, TF-T5000, TF-T6000)

This hardware platform was first used in the TRF-2100 which was released in Australia in mid 2012. These Toppys apparently use the ViXS Systems XCode 4210 STB (Media Release). There is a summary of its features here.

The xCode 4210 was released in March 2010. It supports two SATA 2 ports, two USB 2 ports and 10/100/1000 network. The main process is a MIPS 74k and there are two ARC 750D offload processors, giving 3,200 DMIPS.

The xCode 4210 run Android operating system. The internal HDD uses the JFS file systemand uses bigendian memory management. Originally the the Silicon Graphics XFS file system was used on the TF-T6000, but it was replaced with the JFS file system during pre-release beta testing. The TRF-2100 had the XFS file system during early beta testing, it is not know if it is still used. The XFS file system is discussed here.

Android Toppys (TF-T6211HDPVR)

This generation of Toppys use a Dual-Core ARM Cortex A9, 7500 DMIPS cpu, with 4Gbig NAND Flash memory and 1Gig DDR3 SDRAM. The operating system is Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean).


The same mainboard can be used on several Toppy models. Also, several different mainboards have been used on some models with the same system ID (for example the 2400). These different main boards appear to have different power supply pcb, and it is unclear if the power supply pcb are interchangable.

The incomplete table below contains information on TMS Toppys and TMS+ Toppys.

Model System ID Main board ID
TRF-2400 32020 TRF-2400 Rev 1.2; TRF-2400 Rev 2.1 P000-1RF24-612-0
TRF-2460 32026 TRF-2400 Rev 2.1 P000-1RF24-421-0
TRF-2470 32341 TRF-2400 Rev 2.1 P000-1RF24-421-0
TRF-5300/5310/5320 32028 TBA TBA
TF7100HDPlus 32030 TRF-2400 Rev 1.3 P000-1RF24-613-0
TF7100HDPlus 32031 TBA TBA
TRF-7170 32044 TRF-2400 Rev 1.32 P000-1RF24-613-0
TRF-7170 320303 TRF-2400 Rev 1.3 P000-1RF24-613-0
TRP-5000 32340 TBA TBA
TRF-7160 33021 TRF-7160 Rev 1.1 P000-1F716-610-0
TRF-7160 32027 TBA TBA
TRF-7260 32501 TRF-7160 Rev 2.1 P000-1F716-421-0
TRF-2100 35501 TF-T5000HDPVRT Rev 1.1 P000-5HDPV-411-0
TF-T6000 38010 TF-T6000HDPVRT Rev 1.1 P000-T6KHD-411-0

TBA - details to be added.

System case

There are four cases used for Australian Toppys:

  1. TRF-2400, TRF-2460, TRF-2470 and TF-T6000
  2. TRF-7260
  3. TRF-7170 (also used by the TF7100HDPVRt Plus)
  4. TRF-2100
  5. TF-T6211

Over time there can be subtle changes in the system case. For example, the TRF-2470 and TF-T6000 have no vents on the top of the unit, and has a much more powerful (and noisier) fan. This variant is also used on more recent TRF-2400. The rear of the TRF-2400 and TRF-2460 cases are identical, but those for the TRF-2470 and TF-T6000 differ due to different connectors.

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