FTP Server

An FTP Server is a service that allows the Topfield to respond to FTP commands from other hosts on a network. The main use is to transfer files to and from the server. These files could be recordings, TAPs, or other files.

The first requirement for FTP use is that your PVR is networked on your home network. Next you need to set up an FTP server on the Toppys. The procedure for doing so depends on the Toppy model.

Activating FTP server on TMS Toppys

To enable the FTP server on a TMS Toppy, you need to go into the menus under Installation and enable the FTP Server. You will then have the option of configuring the username/password that is needed to connect to the FTP Server. By default it is user "guest" and password "0000". In some versions of firmware the password was set to "2626".

Setting up FTP server on Android Toppys

This involves a two stage process:

Install an FTP Server Android App

There is a wide range of FTP serve Android Apps that can be used with Toppys running Android. They can be installed either via the PlayStore or from USB stick.

Configure the FTP Server

Once the FTP server is installed, it will need to be configured (including setting a user name and password). Configuration is done via the app settings. The most important step is setting the FTP Server so that it gives access to the PVR user content on the Toppy. If you only wish to access recordings, then the default directory is:


If you want to access other PVR user content set the default to:

You will have several directories under this directory

  1. DataFiles - contains recording made on the Toppy
  2. MediaFiles - media files (videos) that you have transferred to the Toppy
  3. MP3Files - MP3 files that you have transferred to the Toppy
  4. PhotoFiles - photographs that you have transferred to the Toppy

Setting up FTP client on PC or MAC

Finally on your client host you will need an FTP client, for example FileZilla is a popular choice, but you could also use the command window under Windows and type "ftp <your PVR IP address>". You will need to save the user name and password.

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