Firmware Patching

A handful of hackers have somehow come up with the ability to hack the official Topfield firmware software to produce "Patched" firmwares. They have done this to get around some of the limitations of the official software. So it is possible to download and install a version of the firmware that has been patched rather than install an official Topfield firmware version.

Andy Cullen (Author of the famous PBK TAP) provides a source for downloads of both the official versions and patched versions of recent firmwares at his web site .

Firmware patching is acheived using the firmware patcher which is very easy to use and comes with a PDF manual.

Lots of patches are available in R2D2s patch pack and are described on his Patches page

The hdfw TAP is very useful for getting your patched Firmware on to the Toppy. It can patch firmware in situ on the toppy. It backs up FW and can flash FW directly without using the firmware upgrade proceedure.

See also List of Firmware Patches

See also This FAQ on the Australian Topfield forum on Australian Firmware.

See also this posting on the UK Toppyforum gives some details about firmware patches.

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