firebirdlib is a large collection of useful routines, with full source code. There are functions to:

  • Display and manage menus, messageboxes, and keyboards
  • Call firmware functions to manage settings
  • Manage the filesystem, including areas outside of that displayed via the firmware's file list
  • Access the cached EPG data
  • Access the flash to read/update items like Favourites, Timers, and Services
  • Make it easier to manage your own TAP settings through INI files
  • Call and send/receive data with other TAPs
  • Manage Recordings
  • Interact with the front panel (VFD)
  • General programming functions, like string manipulation
  • "Jailbreak" your TAP so that it can run "system" level functions that are normally blocked


  • The first step is to download the library and unzip it into a folder structure.
  • Next, copy libFirebird.a into your cygwin installation under ? /opt/crosstool/lib
  • Include a reference to firebirdlib header in your C program (#include "libFireBird.h")
  • include linking against firebirdlib in your makefile (eg: TAP_LIBS = ${BASE}/tapinit.o ${BASE}/ -lFireBird -ldl -lc)
  • optionally include running Jailbreak as a post process in your makefile:

@echo "[Linking… $@]"
$(Q_)$(LD) -shared —no-undefined —allow-shlib-undefined -o $@ ${TAP_OBJS} $(TAP_LIBS) -Map ${TAP_MAP}
$(Q_)$(JB) $(TAP_APP)

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