Fancy Stuff

Using a NAS drive

Use the NASmount TAP to make folders on the NAS drive appear under the native PVR folders so you can play files off the NAS drive directly.

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Controlling your PVR with your PC

Use the TMSRemote TAP. Go here to find out how to install and configure TMSRemote.

Controlling your PVR with your tablet or smartphone

Use the TMSRemote TAP in conjunction with the iTMSRemote app from Google Play (Android only).

Use the WebControl TAP which works with any smartphone via a browser.

There is Topfield RCU App for iPhone and iPad developed by Topfield that works with the TRF-2400/2460 (introduced in April 2013 firmware), TRF-7260, and the TF-T6000. It is available from the Apple AppStore. This is apparently an Topfield Android App, similar to the iPhone App, available from Google Play (TF-T6000 user manual, p iii).

Watching a video on your tablet or pc while someone else is using the PVR

There are a few ways that this can be achieved.

  1. If you PVR supports Home Media, enable it, and share the DataFiles folder. The recordings are now able to be served to DLNA clients on the network. Install a suitable DLNA client on your tablet or PC that supports mpeg2 video as the video is decoded on the client device.
  2. Enable the FTP server on the PVR. Then install a video player on the tablet or PC that supports FTP as a transport as well as supporting decoding mpeg2 video (e.g. AirAV).

More information on using FTP from a PC to view videos on the PVR from user 2460user from the Topfield forum:

In VLC you can go Media>Open Network Stream and enter:

and the recording (called ABCDEF in this example) will start playing on your computer or tablet. (To explain the command further, username:password are Toppy FTP server credentials and is the Toppy IP).

The only catch I've discovered is that you can't jump forward (which causes the Toppy to reboot), but you can use up to 8x Fast Forward. You can also use slow speed which is a laugh.

To finish off the testing with an "acid test", I set up the following:
- 2 programs recording at once on the Toppy
- A previously recorded program playing back on the Toppy
- FTP streaming to my computer

Not a problem for the mighty Toppy (although I tried this with 4 recordings at once and it made the Toppy reboot). I just had to find the limits!

Subsequent to this exercise I tried to stream a few other recordings and discovered that some would and some wouldn't. After more head scratching, I reached the preliminary observation that SBS would stream via FTP but ABC would not. I had the same situation with SBS and ABC files simply copied to my computer. SBS would play, ABC would not.

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