Fail to Wake Up

The Topfield intermitantly fails to wake up from standby to record a show that has been set up for recording using the timer system.

This bug would appear to be sometimes confused with the Missed Timers bug. However, the Missed Timers bug will happen even if the Toppy is never put on standby. The Fail to Wake up bug is apparent when the toppy is put into standby mode.

This bug is fixable by using a fimware modified by DeadBeef's Timer Patch (AndyCullen)

tonymy01 offers up this explaination of what the patch does:
The patch alters the protocol of the chit-chat between the Toppy and the front panel which basically tells the front panel what time is the next timer to wakeup for. Previously it was quite a long winded chunk of info got sent, and if the Toppy was forced into standby during that moment, bingo, no "timer" icon and certainly no waking up for the next timer. Now it is a tiny bit of info sent, so little to no risk of breaking the comms before going to standby.1

this forum post also describes the issue and how to reproduce it.
When the timer list on the PVR contains many recordings, and they are not in chronological order, then the system may not wake up for a recording. Investigation - by analysis of messages sent to the front panel controller - shows that not all the necessary timer details reach the front panel, causing it to fail to wake up the PVR at the appropriate time.
The following steps will replicate the problem;
1. Create around 20 timers, in reverse chronological order, ie so that timer 1 is the furthest into the future, and timer 20 is the one that is due soonest.
2. Create a 21st timer for a timer several minutes in advance of the current time, and then put the PVR in standby.
Over repeated tests, the PVR will fail to wake up. The notes attached to this report give more details of the problem.

this forum post by triggfamily 16 Dec 2007 suggests that this bug may be fixed in the Nov 2007 FW.

Tango has recreated this bug with the Mar-08 firmware using the steps above. Presumably the bug also exists in the Nov-07 firmware.
Retesting with the Timer Patch [T] shows the patch still fixes the bug with the Mar-08 firmware.

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