Editing Recordings

Native Toppy Video Editor

Youtube video from Topfield on how to edit a recording on the PVR:

Issues with edited videos

When a video has been edited you will not be able to Pause, FFWD, REW, or skip using the standard firmware functions.

This can be worked around by using the following techniques:

  • Use Moviecutter TAP. Updates the .nav; so FF, RW & Skip buttons work correctly (see below).
  • Using the Quickplay TAP allows you to pause edited videos
  • Using the jdaSkip TAP allows you to skip but the skip assumes the video is still the old length so a 30 sec jump may go a little further depending on how much was edited.
  • Use the RebuildNAV TAP to re-generate the .nav file for the video so that all the normal functions work properly again.

MovieCutterHD TAP

There is a detailed discussion of this tap here.

Alternative editing methods

If the Toppy is networked, transfer the recording to a PC using ftp, or alternatively using an External HDD (NTFS formatted) to transfer the recording. Then edit the recording with your video editing software of choice. VideoRedo is a popular choice (a trial version can be downloaded here). There are numerous free editing programs if you do not wish to buy an editing program, e.g. MPEGStreamClip available here.

Alternatives once files have been edited"

  1. copy it back to the Toppy and run RebuildNAV TAP.
  2. use the TFtool Windows App to create *nav files and import the *.inf file information.
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