Duplicate Services

Problems caused by duplicate services

Various problems can can be caused by a channel scan that results in duplicate services. Duplicate services result when more than one channel containing the same set of services is recognised during a service scan. This is not the same as multiple LCNs within a channel with the same content, for example in Melbourne:
LCN 2 and 21 - ABC 1 (ABC)
LCN 7, 70 and 71 - SevenDigital (Seven Network)
LCN 1 and 12 - One (Newtork10)
LCN 3 and 33 - SBS 1 (SBS); LCN 30 has the same content as LCN 3 but is in high definition.

Problems with IceTV and IceTVInteractive

IceTV Interactive produces unreliable timer downloads when the Toppy has duplicate LCNs. Multiple LCNs with the same content do not usually cause problems with IceTV.

Problems with free-to-air EPG data

Duplicate LCNs can cause problems for TAPs that are used to automatically schedule times, for example SmartEPG and AutoScheduler.


If the duplicates are due to channels for different transmission points, the first thing to do is to work out which channel produces the best picture. You then delete all the services for the other channel. You do as follows: While watching live TV press the OK button. This brings up the Service List. Click on the Options key (white key) and turn on "show provider", which will group LCNs by channel. When you move the cursor over a particular service, the channel on which it is transmitted is listed at the bottom of the dialogue box. For example, in Melbourne NITV, LCN 34, is usually on channel 7. To delete all the services on the channel to be deleted, you have to delete them individually. You select delete from the options when the white keys is pressed. You cannot delete a service if one of the services on same channel is currently being recorded.

Following the ending of analogue transmissions, the frequency on which some digital services are transmitted will change (use an old analogue channel). For example, in Melbourne SBS will moved from channel 29 to channel 7. During a short period the service will be transmitted on both channels. In this case one would delete the LCNs for channel 29 and retain those for channel 7.

Sometimes this can happen for no apparent reason. There are multiple listings of the same channel, and the duplicate logical channels usually have different LCNs. The Toppy is misbehaving. In those cases the best solution is to do a Reset Service List (an option under Installation, System Recovery), followed by a new service scan. Some firmware versions do not have this option, in which case you will need to do a reset to Factory Settings.

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