Dual Timer Bug

This bug is sometimes known as the 3rd timer, 3rd tuner or dual tuner bug.

In some situations when recording 3 overlapping programs, 1 long and 2 short, the end of the long recording will be a duplicate of the second short one. This is channel dependent, and can be reproduced on demand. You must be watching a recorded program at the time. If you stop watching the recording, then if the bug is active you will find you can switch to any channel, despite both tuners supposedly being in use. Note that when the second 'short' timer fires you will not see a 'check your reservation' message, not seeing this message is an indication that something has gone wrong with the timer.

Internally, when the second short recording starts the Toppy switches both recordings to the same tuner. This can be detected via the Timer bug checker TAP available here.

The bug scenario is described in detail here.

The bug is known to exist in all May 2005 and earlier firmware (note that this bug may not have existed prior to the introduction of the virtual tuner 4 - early firmware releases required that the tuner to be used was selected when timers were created), and is fixed in Nov 2005 firmware (and presumably from then on). Firmware releases between May 2005 and Nov 2005 are also likely to have this bug.

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